05/07/2014 – 12/07/2014

Round the Island

Sailing Xcursion Around Mallorca

Prepare For A Legendary Week

Have you ever experienced the feeling of sailing in a fleet on luxury yachts, the sun above you, the water below and a gentle breeze on your face? This exclusive week full of freedom at sea, endless sun, discovering hidden places and making lifetime friends will leave a permanent impression on you. You will learn how to sail, be able to see the most beautiful spots the Balearic Islands have to offer, enjoy our cuisine aboard and relax at sunset or dive into the nightlife when we are anchored. Traveling together as a fleet with about 10 people per yacht from location to location for seven days and seven nights - are you in? We provide everything you need to live life as a legend for one flat price with luxe amenities and events delivered seamlessly in style. With a professional skipper guiding each yacht, crews learn to sail with old friends while invariably making new ones. It's no stretch to say that life perspectives and capacities for love and emotion are expanded. Typically, legends are born. Can we count you in?

Ready For Total Freedom?

Are you ready to face the sea, sailor? Come with us and enjoy our modern fleet of luxury yachts and learn how to sail from experienced skippers. Feel the breeze when setting sail towards the sun and experience total freedom and deep friendships when you are aboard. Prepare to meet the beauty of the Balearic Islands on this exclusive trip for seven days and seven nights. Regulary stocked with food, locally-sourced beer and wine as well as non-alcoholic beverages you will be able to fully enjoy the sun, the sea and other marine activities that will make you feel like a child again. If you have some energy left at night, you can enjoy the nightlife where we are anchored or a cold drink aboard at bay. Let others dream about it and join the tour of your lifetime now!

No Place You Would Rather Be

Together we will visit some of the most beautiful spots around the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain. As we skip along the southern coast of the island of Mallorca and cruise through the gorgeous archipelago of Cabrera National Park, you will experience the Mediterranean's natural beauty, learn to sail, enjoy the sun, and get in touch with your soul. We will start at Palma de Mallorca and hit Cala Falcó, Es Trenc, Porto Colom, Cala Varques, Cala d'Or and Cabrera Archipelago until we return to our final destination, Palma de Mallorca. You will love them all!

The Details

  • Fleet yachting with about 10 people per vessel aboard
  • 7 days and 7 nights
  • 50-56 foot luxury sailing yachts, recently built
  • Professional, certified skippers
  • Learn the basics of sailing
  • Food, snacks & beverages (beer, wine, non-alcoholic) included
  • Pre-arranged group dinners at selected restaurants
  • Beach picnic included
  • Professional hostesses waiter on you
  • Entrance tickets for nightlife activities included
  • Maritime activities offered
  • Marine mooring fees included
  • Yacht fuel included
  • On-board cleaning throughout the week
  • From only 1.800€ / person

Our Schedule

Day Depart Night Evening
Sat Palma de Mallorca Anchored and Rafted Beach Bar
Sun Cala Falcó Anchored Off Beach Beach Picnic
Mon Es Trenc Docked in Marina Resto-Bar
Tue Porto Colom Anchored and Rafted Raft Party
Wed Cala Varques Docked in Marina Yacht Club
Thu Cala D'Or Moored in Bay Below-Decks
Fri Cabrera Archipelago Docked in Marina Wrap Party!

Reservation And Booking

Make your reservation today by sending an email with your name, phone and address to info@lifexperiences.com.

Our next tour dates: July 5th - July 12th // July 12th - July 19th

You will receive a confirmation with more details on the booking and payment procedure on your reservation email. For further questions, send an email to info@lifexperiences.com

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