About us

"All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware", Martin Buber.

Experience based travel: Unique experiences while traveling - this is what we aim and strive for.


TravelXperiences are LifeXperiences! 

TravelXperiences is rooted in our Destination Management Company LifeXperiences S.L. on Mallorca.

LifeXperiences was created on the principle of incorporating what we love to do into our work, and with dedication and perfection we organise unforgettable events and private parties in the Balearic Islands.

For years we have lived and traveled in many parts of the world -  TravelXperiences is an extension of our commitment to create unique experiences whilst traveling.

TravelXperiences is not only what we do - it is who we are - and exploring new places, people and activities broadens our perspective on life.

Our focus is on the experience of travel. We therefore categorise our trips in two streams:


Initiated tours

these are travels and tours that we initiate and design ourselves. They often tend to be action based, and involve an outdoor adventure that challenges the soul, mind and body.


Commissioned tours

these are your travel dreams that we convert into reality. We will tap into our network, and help you design and organise a travel adventure to the destination you dream of visiting.


Alongside our passion to create exceptional travel experiences, we care about nature, society and our response to the world around us.


If you can imagine it, we can organize it!


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