Ski across the Alps

Posted by on 18 February 2014 | Comments

P1000613What an experience is was!! It felt as if the snow increased proportionally to every kilometer we traveled further South (total distance we covered as the crow flies: 850km). So you can imagine how much snow we had towards the end of our trip!! Of course the abundance of snow was very appreciated in terms of the powder skiing that was on offer, but with the heavy snowfall came the increased risk for avalanches.


With a mere 40km's left of our epic journey we had to abandon our quest to reach Isola 2000 (the southern most ski resort) on skis and had to instead opt for a 350km journey (8 long hours in a van) to reach Nice.

What this means is that we will most certainly offer the same trip again in 2015 - another attempt to cover the entire distance on skis and lift infrastructure. It is a truly remarkable journey through France where not only the nature changes, but also its people as you journey southwards through beautiful nature and hidden ski resorts that are best kept hidden and secret. There are some real gems along the way that make you question why you would want to ski ever again in Austria or Switzerland...!


Join us in 2015 on this epic quest - you will not regret it!


More pictures of the entire journey are to be found here: