GROWN Ski test

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GROWN Ski Test at Haldigrat, near Engelberg

it is all about preparation - and we are getting prepared! If the chosen distance to cover (as the crow flies) is 850km and you are planning to actively ski 450km of these, then you better get to know the sticks you are intending to use beforehand.
This is the reason we ventured all the way to Haldigrat. Yes, Haldigrat! If you have not heard of Haldigrat you are not alone. Until today we ourselves had no idea where it was nor what it entailed.
Haldigrat is a 50 yrs old chairlift near the monastery of Maria Rickenbach (at the entrance to the valley leading you to Engelberg). It can only be reached using a cable car (which is mostly used in summer), followed by a 25 min hike (yes on foot) along a hiking trail.
Once you have mastered the walk you will find an ancient chairlift with a total of 3 sets of 5 chairs (including a basket to transport goods up to a mountain hut/restaurant (open in summer and weekends in winter).
You might ask why would anyone want to test skis at such a remote location. Well, the answer as we found out is really simple: Lots of powder and absolutely no one around to spoil the fun and untouched beauty but yourself.

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 and yes. WE LOVE the GROWN Skis!!

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